Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Many (okay, about four) of you have asked if I'll continue to blog once I enter the cloister. At one point, I did briefly entertain ideas about writing out posts, sending them with my letters, and having friends put them onto the blog for me. But the closer I get to entering the enclosure, and the more I meditate on what it means to be enclosed, the less comfortable I am with such a plan. Enclosure isn't just about what you do or where you reside - it's about who you are. Enclosed nuns are utterly God's in a profound and radical way. This is what I believe God wants for me, and I can't do it halfway. On this feast of St. Clare, I pray for her intercession; I ask for her to obtain for me the grace to be fully and wholly His - since this is the only way to be fully and wholly me. I ask for your prayers as well and promise mine in return. For a glimpse of what my life will be like after this Saturday, I invite you to visit my community's website: www.poor-clares.org. If you have prayer requests, please send them to me at the following address:

Sara Galey c/o Monastery of the Poor Clares
5500 Holly Fork Road
Barhamsville, VA 23011

I may not be able to respond in writing very often, but I will always respond in prayer.

Peace be with you!